Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United!


The forward’s long transfer saga has finally come to an end. In a shockingly efficient swap of Mkhitaryan for Sanchez, Ed Woodward has done some great business. The deal will work well for both teams, considering Sanchez was no longer content enough to extend his stay in London, and Mkhitaryan had fallen out of Mourinho’s good graces. Alexis will wear the number 7 and was showing off his piano skills in his announcement video.

Available here.

He will be next in the long storied list of United players to wear the number 7 who have totally always worked out.

In the interest of full disclosure I am a United fan, which I’m sure will be a shock being American and all. As a fan, I’m ecstatic to have a world class forward back at Old Trafford. Yes, Alexis just turned 29 and his longevity is going to be up for debate sooner than I’d like, but with all the talent coming up on that left side his eventual departure will not hurt United too much. There has been a void in the United attacking trio for some time and players with talent coming up, but no finished product on the field to carry the productivity.

Offloading Mkhitaryan was a necessary piece of business for the upcoming transfer window, despite his great contributions last season it was clear his morale was down and had lost the trust of Mourinho. It seems the stars had aligned to make this deal, and swipe Sanchez right out from under City, who to be honest are not in need of more goals considering the way they’re performing.

Great work for the front office and great for all United fans who can finally exhale as this transfer window has been a success.


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