UEFA Nations League Draw


League A

Group one Group two Group three Group four
Netherlands Iceland Poland Croatia
France Switzerland Italy England
Germany Belgium Portugal Spain

League B

Group one Group two Group three Group four
Czech Republic Turkey Northern Ireland Denmark
Ukraine Sweden Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of Ireland
Slovakia Russia Austria Wales

League C

Group one Group two Group three Group four
Israel Estonia Cyprus Lithuania
Albania Finland Bulgaria Montenegro
Scotland Greece Norway Serbia
Hungary Slovenia Romania

League D

Group one Group two Group three Group four
Andorra San Marino Kosovo Gibraltar
Kazakhstan Moldova Malta Liechtenstein
Latvia Luxembourg Faroe Islands Armenia
Georgia Belarus Azerbaijan Macedonia


The draw that not a lot of people were excited for, but we got anyways. In my opinion, I think this league can only do positive for the fans and the players. International friendlies are pointless as it is, and for that same reason are almost torture to watch a team go 50% when you pay $60 to watch the game. The nations league is gonna add at least a somewhat more competitive environment.

What’s another main issue prevalent in international soccer? The players and coach don’t spend more than a week together, or a couple on a special tournament. Chemistry is hard to build when you don’t have a team together most of the year.

Overall, the standard of play is going to increase, the amount of pointless friendlies are gonna drop, and one of the best points I heard for fans of smaller European national teams, those teams will be playing a different style of football now. To elaborate on that, Macedonia or Andorra in the matches we see them, play against better opposition most of the time and are parking the bus for 90 minutes, but now we’ll see them attacking and playing competitive international games for their country.

The CONCACAF nations league will also be holding a draw and will begin in September of this year, stay tuned here for more.


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