Disaster Averted at the Camp Nou, Coutinho Headlines

Coutinho Debut

Barcelona almost repeats history against Alaves having lost 2-1 against them last time they came to visit the Camp Nou during league play. Barça, undefeated in the league, went down early due to a counterattack goal shot by Guidetti in the 23rd minute. Having possession most of the game Barcelona were able to create great build up play that was easy on the eye but couldn’t translate that into shots on goal.

Barcelona wouldn’t get a goal until 72nd minute where Suarez got a hard shot on goal deflected in by an unlucky Alaves defender. With the draw seeming secure Barça kept on pushing looking for the second. Messi then proceeded to gift us an absolute beautiful free kick into the top right of the goal in the 84th minute.

Coutinho’s first start was an impressive performance overall. It looks like he felt right at home in the Barça offense. The display of one touch passes and overlapping runs was a beauty to behold. The final possession stats on the day were 78-22 percent, in favor of Barcelona. This is telling of the overall great defensive performance from the Alaves players who almost didn’t leave empty handed.

Barcelona’s next game will be on February 1st against Valencia in the Copa del Rey, the offense will need to find its shooting boots if they want to win the competition, we’ll see what the crew can muster up and talk about it here.


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