Winter Transfer Window is Closed, Here’s What Happened

This years’ winter transfer window was quite lively as many teams seemed in desperate need to make adjustments heading in to the second half of the season, and players looking to get playing time before the World Cup. Here’s a recap of some of the biggest moves we saw.

Diego Costa → Atletico Madrid (£59.40m)

One of the earliest transfers in the window since Diego was just waiting for the transfer ban to be over as he had already left the Chelsea squad month’s before. Costa’s vacation has finally come to an end and he started quite well with a debut goal, but he’s gonna need a lot more of those to save this Atleti team. Even more so because another person that seems to be on the way out of Spain is Antoine Griezmann, linked earlier to Manchester United, now may be going to the Camp Nou, of course all speculation.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Alexis Sanchez Swap

A huge move for United and Arsenal to revive their offensive powers. We covered this transfer when it broke, check here for more info.

The Giroud (£15.30m), Batshuayi (£1.35m), Aubameyang (£57.38m) Exchange™

In one of the more complicated transfers, Aubameyang finally leaves Dortmund after posturing for a move the past couple seasons, but Dortmund did not wanna be left without a replacement, which then brings Chelsea into play. Chelsea decide to give Dortmund their replacement for Auba by giving them Batshuayi (not exactly like for like but I guess close enough for BVB). However, now who will provide competition for Morata at the striker position, well Chelsea said they’ll take Giroud. Considering there isn’t a lot of minutes at Arsenal left for him after these signings and the World Cup coming up he goes for it (also his wife reportedly did not want to leave London). So everyone is kind technically happy, we’ll see who really wins the trade later.

Aymeric Laporte → Manchester City (£58.50m)

So if City has one weakness that sometimes shows, it’s their defense. The terrifying center back duo of Stones and Otamendi is not gonna cut it forever, especially in Champions League. So adding Laporte is adding even more talent to this already stacked team, with Guardiola’s system he should fit like a glove. We can expect the gap at the top to not get closer anytime soon.

Virgil van Dijk → Liverpool (£70.92m)

Speaking of teams in need of defense, but on a much more dire level. Liverpool made a huge signing, and from Southampton (as is tradition), Virgil will provide more stability to the back line of Liverpool. Despite the impressive debut performance, the defense has continued to leak goals, albeit less, but in my opinion is due more to Klopp’s style. Klopp champions the heavy metal style of attacking football, not exactly defensive minded one would say.

Philippe Coutinho → FC Barcelona (£108.00m)

Last but not least, the blockbuster transfer of the window, Coutinho finally leaves the beautiful city of Liverpool for the Catalans. The absence of Neymar has been felt however not exactly detrimental to performance thanks to Valverde, the Barcelona manager. His debut gave great glimpses of what the front trio could bring. More importantly, there’s more talent on the squad and they now have a much better shot at a Champions League title.


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