Premier League Rundown 2/4/18

Crystal Palace 1-1 Newcastle United

Gritty game from these two teams. Newcastle gets away with the point to get out of the bottom three. Crystal Palace pushed really hard and will feel hard done to not have gotten the win.

Liverpool 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur

Lastly, the most anticipated match of the weekend by many, but not without a controversial end. The first goal was a very cool Mo Salah finish thanks to a big mistake from Dier. The response was an absolutely blasted shot from Wanyama who picked a spot from outside the box and hit it with the laces. Then, very late in the game (90+1) the reds got a goal provided by the amazing dribbling of Salah. However, it wasn’t over, Spurs kept pushing and got a penalty awarded (90+5) which tied up the game.

It wasn’t quite as drama free as that summary might suggest. Kane bagged his 100th goal on the late penalty, but not before missing one earlier by going straight down the middle into Karius. Spurs were also diving all over the ground like it was swim practice. The first penalty call in their favor was iffy because it should’ve been offside. The second was atrocious from Lamela. Van Dijk goes for a clearance and stops his leg before any meaningful contact, but Lamela goes straight to the floor anyways. After a few seconds of deliberation John Moss decides to ruin the night of every Liverpool fan and awarding the penalty. Kane finishes it as expected and Liverpool is fuming at the call.

In all seriousness, very poor refereeing seriously making a case for VAR. The excuse it slows the game down is nonsense when the controversy creates just as much time wasting and would prevent huge matches like this feeling ruined.

So that is all here for Sunday. Tomorrow is the last match for this week’s Premier League action, catch our review here right after!


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