The Road Trip is (finally) Over

Zach Hyman, Ryan Miller, Francois Beauchemin

Well it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been, but it definitely wasn’t the way we wanted it to go.

The road trip started with such promise, beating Boston one of the hottest teams in the NHL. Then, we went to the other side of the spectrum and played Ottawa, one of the worst teams in the league this year and lost in overtime, snapping their losing streak.

The next two games were a real rough ride, we got outscored 12-6. While we held up our own with six goals, letting in 12 over the two games is not a great look when we need to be pushing for playoff spots, in one of the most competitive divisions NHL has. The trip ended positively with a win in Buffalo thanks to Rico’s beautiful top shelf wrister on Lehner’s blocker side.

What we can takeaway

Perry is on fire, no game showed it more than the 7-4 loss in Toronto. Perry got 4 assists, meaning he had a hand in every goal. Apart from the obvious stats, his work rate and push was something we absolutely need from the veterans.

The top line is back together, Perry, Getzlaf and Rakell. We are producing goals and staying in games, more than our offense has mustered in the past, if our back end can improve we have a much easier job ahead of us.

Miller was in net for all four games on the road, and while many of the goals scored were definitely not his fault, letting in 17 goals over four games is not what you want from the net minder, and getting Gibson back would be a huge relief. Miller did his job, and the responsibility falls on the defense as well, but this does not look like a 1A/1B pairing.

Overall, we went in holding a playoff spot and came out with nothing, and to make matters worse everyone else in the playoff hunt has more games in hand than the Ducks, excluding the Stars. Tonight was a must win, but it is clear from here on out there is even less room for mistakes.


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