Premier League Rundown (Part 2)

Manchester United v Newcastle United - Premier League

Well, nothing crazy really happened. Southampton lost to Liverpool, Huddersfield beat a skidding Bournemouth, and United lost to Newcastle exactly the way everyone expected. So without further ado let’s get into it.

Newcastle United 1-0 Manchester United

The Magpies really needed a win and they were at home, but it came at the expense of Manchester United player’s dignity. Martial couldn’t finish to save his life, mind you the whole United team couldn’t. The build up play was good, but the saves by Newcastle were better. In my opinion, we weren’t in the race to win the league anyway. To keep pace however United needs to win these games. Mourinho may also have made some comments about a certain team being lucky, whether you agree or not that’s a huge moment for Newcastle and their fans, no need to stir the pot for no reason.

Huddersfield Town 4-1 AFC Bournemouth

Bournemouth is struggling, and it seems that Huddersfield is on the up and up. They absolutely dominated a poor Bournemouth side that just wanted to get by the weekend with at least a point. Next Bournemouth plays Newcastle and will likely continue their losing, while Huddersfield plays United and will have a chance to continue their winning ways.

Southampton 0-2 Liverpool

Salah & co. had a great outing at Southampton’s stadium. In only six minutes Bobby Firmino cracked through Southampton back line and after that it was smooth cruising. Salah put the game away and made it 2-0 with great team-play. The defense held their ground and saw the game out, a clean sheet for Liverpool is much appreciated but is this the end of their defensive woes? They play FC Porto next in the Champions League, that will be a better decider of whether they really are a reformed team.

Only one more game of the week, and that’s Chelsea. They go up against a terrible West Brom side, but even Conte’s men should be able to put this team away right? I’d hope so, catch the review here, thanks for reading.


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