Champions League: Round of 16


The first matches of the round of 16 finally were played today. If you wanted goals then you definitely got your money’s worth.

Juventus 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur

Juve got off to a flying start thanks to a quick set piece goal by Higuain. Quickly after, Juve put another one in from the spot after earning a well deserved penalty.

Tottenham’s attack couldn’t be counted out and as soon as the second goal went in Kane looked dangerous to score. Allegri’s men sat back and just tried to absorb the pressure and it didn’t work out at all. Kane beat Buffon after receiving a great pass and put it in the back of the empty net. The onslaught wouldn’t stop until Spurs gave up another penalty, this one would give Higuain the hat trick, and he hit the crossbar. Spurs went into the half only one down, but surely Juve’s defense can hold at home. It didn’t. Eriksen scored from a free kick by blasting a shot on the ground to Buffon’s right, he’s gonna want that one back.

The game ended 2-2, a truly great result for Spurs, being 2-0 down away. They never stopped fighting and you have to give them credit for that. The draw isn’t over of course, there’s still another leg, but if they play like this again it’s hard to see them not passing.

FC Basel 0-4 Manchester City

The match that never quite looked it would go any other way, and actually ended much worse than expected. Basel, the same giants that took down Manchester United just a season ago looked to try and repeat. However, this City squad is still on fire and it seems everyone in the lineup has a burning itch to score screamers. Gundogan, Silva, and Aguero all got on the score sheet with great goals. They utterly dominated the match with Basel only getting one or two real chances.

Next leg will be at Manchester City’s home and it seems this draw is done and dusted. It would truly take a miracle to have Basel even get close.

The second leg for both matches will take place March 6th.

Thanks for reading, tomorrow will be day 2 of round of 16, it should be another great day of football.


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